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Florida Swampwood

Pecky Birdy

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Pecky Cypress Wall Piece or Center Piece

Each rare piece of Pecky Cypress has been carefully collected from Florida swamps and shaped by nature. 'Pecky' is uniquely characterized by smooth grooves formed by a fungus that creates cavities from within the tree. The beautiful designs are hidden until the trees fall and reveal it themselves. We only collect parts of naturally fallen trees, maintaining healthy habitats for our native wildlife.

Bring the beauty of Florida and a story piece to your space.

5% of each sale goes to "Path of the Panther", a non-profit working in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, to reveal the land protection and wildlife crossings needed to save a future for wild Florida where both people and wildlife can thrive.

Shipping & Returns

*Contact us with your shipping address for custom freight pricing.

Due to the fragile nature of the wood, there are some pieces that cannot be shipped, but we do our best to safely package those we do. We have a -day full refund grace period (excluding freight costs), only if the piece does not meet our description.

We are a low-waste business, so if you are able to arrange pickup, please let us know so we can reduce packaging waste!


Depending on the orientation, as seen here, this piece measures ...




Care Instructions

Each piece of Pecky Cypress has been naturally formed and preserved by nature herself. We spend hours cleaning (no chemicals - water only) our pieces to reveal the beauty of the wood. However, if you'd like to preserve the tan/brown color of the wood, you'll want to keep it out of direct sunlight, or else it will "silver" and turn a lighter grayish color.

Why Pecky?

Each piece of "Pecky" is uniquely shaped by Stereum taxodi, a fungus that attacks the heartwood of living bald cypress trees. Once the trees die or collapse, the lack of oxygen and tanic waters of Florida swamps slowly preserve the timber over decades ... resulting in rare, strong and beautiful pieces of "river wood".

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    We only list a portion of our collection at a time, so if you are looking for a special piece with particular dimensions or for a certain project, let us know and we'll send you more options!

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